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Rocketman is a Thai band from Bangkok, Thailand, consisting of vocalist, keyboardist, and guitarist Panithan Chaiarksornwech (Mut), guitarist and keyboardist Natnicha Sountorn (Pon), guitarist Panas Meebunanek (Natt), and keyboardist Chayanattha Harnpariphan (Kwan). Their music is a mixture of combined laid-back beats, uplifted funky rhythm, and quiet storm feels with the essence of harmony to create a soulful vibe.

About Rocketman

We started out as friends in primary school (Mut, Pon, Om) and high school (Natt, Kwan). But the band started in our first year in high school with Mut on the drum and Natt on guitar. We originally formed a band for competition in high school, and we had many different names back then, way different from our name now. It has been going back and forth for many years until around the end of high school, when Silpakorn University hosted a music competition. Mut invited Pon to the band as a 2nd guitarist. We already named this band Rocketman. 

The competition required an original song, and it was the first time we ever got to work on our original piece. We didn't pass any competition, and the band's been on and off for quite some time when everybody got into university. Mut invited Om to the team after the band's bassist left, and during junior year, Mut got in contact with Kwan and invited her to the band. I had one song written by Mut, and we jammed it out. Then Pon took the song to produce and rewrote the lyrics for her university's project. That was the time when we got the song officially recorded. 

In 2018, "Good Hope Music Academy" announced a competition for any band to submit their song, and if your song got selected, you'd get a chance to work with the Good Hope Music team. One of the teams who participated was Anucha Ocharoen, Head of Rats Records. He's got in contact with us and invited us to work with him. The song that Pon wrote and produced, Fool Me, is the first song we worked on together with Rats Records. It's also the first song that we officially started, and we keep continuing the music journey of Rocketman. 

In 2019, Om left the band to put more time into his project and to pursue his dream as a music engineer, producer and make his studio. We parted way, and we remained good friends. 

In 2020, our single "Orange Coffee" started to make some way for us. We were making more numbers than we had expected. And the rest is still history in the making. We've released seven singles "Fool Me," "Tremblin'," "Saturday Morning," "Loved You Wrong," "Lost Film," and "Orange Coffee." Our latest single, "I'm Okay," is out now, so be sure to go check it out on all streaming platforms and YouTube. 

Tips to fellow Artists:
Kwan : Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong. 
Mut : Let everything you do be done in love. 
Pon : Keep calm. 
Natt : Have you ever seen smiling food? Look at them closely and they will smile at you. Whatever it is, just smile to yourself. It's gonna be alright :)

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