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About Woodlock

We are an alternative folk-pop band from Victoria, Australia, with two New Zealander brothers (Eze and Zech) and one true blue Aussie (Bowen).

We met in a regional town in Victoria, Yarrawonga, at the end of 2009 when Eze and Zech’s parents went to pastor the local church that Bowen was attending.
“Eze and Zech grew up travelling around New Zealand in a bus with their very talented mother as their home school teacher - this is a big reason why writing songs is so natural to them, as they have been brought up in a musical family. I always respect their creativity and genuinely love seeing how Eze and Zech can put every experience we shared into songs that are enjoyable to play and listen to.” says Bowen, the drummer.

We hit it off as friends and started creating music as a band with the sole intention of just having fun and getting the odd pub gigs for free beers in our local town. After we had performed a few times, we decided to buy an old caravan and fit it out to travel Australia and do some busking to pay for fuel and fun. We followed through with our plan in May 2012, and we set off as mates on a road trip. As we played in different towns and cities, people started enjoying our original songs and we started getting a decent following, and that’s when we decided to take the band a bit more seriously.
Just before we went on the road trip, we went out for coffee and had a good discussion about band names. There were a few options, such as “coffees creek”, a creek that ran behind Eze and Zech’s home when they were young. There were also a couple of others options we will probably never share...as they are super cringe. Eze once wrote a song called “Woodlock winds”. We didn’t like the song, but the name “Woodlock” has stayed with us since then.
The future for us as a band is looking pretty bright, especially with us being signed to a record label, Nettwerk, that’s getting our music out further than we ever could. We just released our debut album earlier this year and are looking forward to getting on the road again and playing some shows around Australia. We just announced some headline tour dates in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne this coming September.
We have always loved doing live shows. As much as we may be the ones on stage trying to create an atmosphere, it’s always the crowd that met us with exciting energy that leaves a mark. We still remember one of our first shows, hearing people singing our lyrics back to us for the first time - those are some special moments that have always been what sticks out to us.
In 5 years, we would love to dive into our overseas markets like North America, the Philippines, and Europe...basically, anywhere they will have us! We just really love creating music for people to listen to, resonate with and help them feel good, and we want to keep doing what we do.
Tips to fellow and aspiring musicians:
1. Don’t wait to figure out your sound; jump into it, experiment and figure it out on the way
2. You’re gonna spend a lot of time with your bandmates, so actually be friends
3. Practice/jam/listen to music; feed that creativity
Thank you for taking the time to read our story! Please check out our debut album, The Future of An End, or catch us at a live show near you!
Listen to The Future of An End: https://woodlock.ffm.to/thefutureofanend
Headline Tour Dates: https://www.woodlock.com.au/

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