Can I get help with my design? (2022)

Can I get help with my design? (2022)

Ana Marie D.G. Ana Marie D.G.
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Have you like many in our community come up with an amazing product idea, and after trying to communicate your idea... been left screaming - Can I get help with my design? !

Honestly it's really common frustration... Coming up with an idea can be much easier than being able to design it, so when you need to get your project right we are here to help out :)

Goodbandmerch is made up of engineers, artists and creators who can turn any design into the product you wish to create. Even better news is that design help is usually FREE for a simple art conversion or you can choose to upgrade your product with a paid professional design. If you're unsure or which approach would work best, please reach out to our team with your idea.

We can work with almost any file and create both 2D & 3D products.

- Create better products that people talk about and defines your brand today with our team.



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