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In 2022, The Your Stuff Made group became the Pause Awards’ Merchandise sponsor for its elevated, great gatsby-like event at Bond, Melbourne. We worked closely with award winning designer George Hedon, in turning his design concepts into high quality and high valued swag options that was sure to swoon over the attendees present at Australia’s top business ecosystem event of the year.

The night saw Australia’s golden circle of startups network, laugh and dance the night away as it honoured the industry’s highest performing and impactful businesses, that aligned with the brands we aim to power at The Your Stuff Made Group.

As a way to also showcase our workplace culture we got the opportunity to present the Go Green Category which was awarded to Evee and Verve Super. This was important to us, as it was a great way to show our support and emphasis on educating both early stage and established startups that, with the right support network, there is an effective, affordable and impactful way to create a high value brand and product; that is sustainable for both people and planet. This is only the beginning in our endeavours in sponsoring our local awards system in the ANZ market and are excited to grow our portfolios in this area.

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