Singapore Comic Con 2022

Singapore Comic Con 2022

Alex J. Alex J.
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After Singapore Comic Con was put on pause for 2 years because of the pandemic, comic con fans celebrated its return in December 2022.


The Your Stuff Made Group was invited to educate a group of creators and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to turn their creative hobby into a full-time career.

As a team that recognizes the misconceptions and fear in starting a business, YSM extended its expertise in crowdfunding as an Indiegogo Crowdfunding expert and introduced its concept to the group as a tool to navigate stress and fear in putting up a business while also learning to connect and build community.

The Your Stuff Made group has always been and always will be extending its arms to support and provide key solutions that are authentic and effective for creators who are either starting to find their way into the market or experts in the industry looking to maintain and improve their system.


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