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We formed back in early 2020 as an official band, the name South Summit arrived much later. Josh Trindall (bass player) and Nathan Osborne (drummer) went to school together at Guildford Grammar where they played in a cover band. Josh graduated from Guildford and met Fynn Samorali (Lead Guitarist) through WAAPA and instantly wanted him in the band. Brothers Zaya Reuben (lead vocalist) and Nemo Reuben (Rhythm guitarist & backup vocalist) met Josh through mutual friends in Mindarie at the Reuben boys’ house where Josh showed Zaya some of the demos he had written. From there we organized our first band practice at Nathan's place in Darlington, it was just a jam and pretty much a time to sit down and talk about if we really wanted to take this seriously. 


We all loved music and had a passion for it and there was a connection, so we decided to start playing and see what happened. From there we started to play gigs around Perth and slowly built an epic fan base that has helped us do three sellout shows this year.

The way we write music changes depending on what we are feeling at that moment. Our first EP ‘Merlins’, Josh wrote most of the songs in his room on garage band and Zaya added the vocal melodies and lyrics. Recently, our songwriting has been more collaborative, someone usually comes in with an idea and we just jam until it feels right. If we all like it, we then workshop it until it has a form. Making sure everyone’s on the same page is vital as it needs to feel natural and authentic. Our latest single ‘River Days’ follows this same sequence of someone having an idea and all of us working together to make it something special.

We all dream of playing at big festivals and more sell-out shows in the near future and hope to travel around the country (and possibly the world) doing tours. I think we all know what we want, it’s just a matter of putting in the hard work to get there. We all have enjoyed the journey so far and are very excited for the future, with Nathan and Nemo graduating from school this year, the plan is to make music a priority and hopefully turn our passion into a career.
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