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 "We support everybody's right to BE who they are!" - Uber

Our agency was tasked with creating products and a campaign around Uber's diversity mission. Uber as a global company and movement has always been focused around trust and community, so it was important to create a strong message for them. This Australian campaign (2018) was delivered right when same sex marriage legalisation was being decided. The phrase "uBEr" was developed to empower freedom for everybody to BE who they want to be. Our work took pride of place at the famous Sydney gay and lesbian mardi gras from the top of the Uber pride float and across to the partying crowds.

From creating branding and product this was a successful campaign that aligned with our inclusive company culture.Our services for Uber include Branding, Product design, Ethical manufacturing and Strategic Consultation This campaign enabled Uber to take a stand and demonstrate their commitment to celebrate diversity and inclusion. It also provided a platform for businesses to take a stand not just during pride month but all year round, improving visibility of LGBTQ+ communities and their interests.


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