The Relish Music & Arts Festival is here!

The Relish Music & Arts Festival is here!

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Relish Music & Arts Festival is here!

HEADLINERS: Winston Surfshirt, Ash Grunwald, The Black Seeds, Mo'Ju, Tijuana Cartel

Relish Music & Arts | Relish the People | Relish the River | Relish the Valley | Relish Bello

When: 30th September - 2 October 2022
Where: Bellingen Valley Campout
            Darkwood Road, Thora NSW

Join them for a weekend camp out in beautiful Bellingen Valley with 3 days of music, river swims, workshops and relaxation.

Relish Music & Arts festival will be held deep in the Bellingen Valley at one of the O’G Hippy communes from Bellingen’s vibrant bohemian past, called Homelands. On the beautiful banks of the crystal-clear Bellingen River, with the mountains towering above covered in Gondwana Rainforest and the enchanting bamboo forest lining the campground you are sure to sink into the moment and relish the valley.

Relish the Journey, Unzip your tent and feel the sun on your face, peer out to the mountains towering above, move your body with a morning yoga session, dive into the crystal clear water of the Bellingen river, relax in the sweat lodge, enjoy a cocktail at the saloon bar, devour musical delights on the main stage, take a trip into the enchanted bamboo forest for a late night disco, lounge on a beanbag and sip some chai while listening to gypsy bands jam, cozy around the campfire at night and tell some tales, Relish the Moment.

Relish, as the name implies, is about celebrating and 'relishing' the music, arts, culture and beautiful natural surrounds of the Bellingen Valley. We Relish Bellingen and have sparked this festival to stoke the Bello fire and reignite the creative soul of the valley, bringing together the community once again to inspire, to share stories around the campfire, to build connections and most importantly enjoy life!

Immerse yourself in Bellingen Valley and Relish in the good times!

For tickets and info you can contact them here:

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